Running Man - 런닝맨 - Episode 118 (Sub)

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247 comment(s)
R 2 days ago
Plz upload ep 168 and 295 for download
Yandi 75 days ago
Video is not working
Sina 98 days ago
Video not working
Monique 119 days ago
I LOVE Running Man 9012 forever .
Myo Aung 133 days ago
why can't download ep 403?
Changmin 133 days ago
At 3:21, the subtitles should say gaining 18 kg, not losing it.
Jema 138 days ago
cheata 140 days ago
i want to watch Running man EP162 too much
Star 153 days ago
Why cannot d/l ep 400? Kindly fix pls
onctwice 168 days ago
where is ep 398
Blackpink 174 days ago
Why the server need to be loading for a long time......????!!!
Smi 175 days ago
Why I can't download all of drama, movies..I try several time's..
Happy 176 days ago
For ep 397 I can't see the eng sub
i cant play this video 177 days ago
i cant play this video
Ree 189 days ago
I can't play video using OK :(
cho 203 days ago
Ep 393, wheres sub for 360p ?
reynaldo 224 days ago
i cant play this video
Fakhrul 224 days ago
where is the subtitle for 360p
Fakhrul 224 days ago
Where is the subtitle gor 360p
wilna 234 days ago
episode 351 until 358 all is not found :(
russel 262 days ago
how can i download the OPEN LINK????
russel 262 days ago
how can i download the OPEN???
Eclissi 263 days ago
Ep 160 not working
anon 278 days ago
ep 286 not working. video got removed
Crasher2004 328 days ago
dear admin plz reuploud episode 113
Nanso 356 days ago
Episode 299 is not working, the Capcha is not showing anything
Rainne 376 days ago
Most episodes are not downloadable how disappointing 😧
anon 381 days ago
366 says "running man 498"? Please fix it.
sharon 392 days ago
354 to 360 unable to download :( pls help
Celi 435 days ago
Episode 162 for Running Man is missing :(
gary 440 days ago
thank you so much for the videos!
ctie 509 days ago
thank you for ep 350 but ep 348 still dont have.. please adminnn... thank you
ctie 511 days ago
and ep 350... please admin
ctie 511 days ago
i still cant downloat ep 348.. please admin.. thank you
ctie 525 days ago
admin ep 348 has been delete.. please adminnn... thank you
soda 533 days ago
dear Admin sub ep 348 plz.
Star 543 days ago
Cannot download ep 346. The link is missing again. Plus fix
ctie 549 days ago
admin why i can't download the latest ep 345
Rainne 555 days ago
In what episode bogum appears???
IT 558 days ago
Episode 236, 237 are not working, maybe more.
Naima 567 days ago
This show make my day 👍🏻❤best
Lala 575 days ago
How long does it take to sub 342?
Marco 576 days ago
Running Man ep 11 through 20 are down
Crixhell 585 days ago
Admin, episode 211 above in corrupted. it says it was removed please fix it please
qeed 594 days ago
Where's download button?
vee 596 days ago
this is for episode 340 as of 5am MLA.
vee 596 days ago
admin, the ads keep popping up mid-episode and interrupts the video..sometimes closes the browser or switches to another page... please look into this! its gaming ads and asking for membership and stuff
LESLIE 622 days ago
Afternoon Admin,

I was trying to download several episodes of running man, but it seems that lots of episodes,

most of the files were not found.....I had written in before and requested your department to

look into it , but it seems that no action had been carried out so far:

the episodes are 115, 152 ,261, 263 - 269 , 279 ,292, 299 ,303, 325 - 328.

Would appreciated, if you could look into this matter... Your faithfully fan
soda 631 days ago
soda 631 days ago
dear admin ep335 plz sub, tq
ctie 644 days ago
still waiting to download ep 333.. please admin,..
Unicornsrbae 645 days ago
Where is ep228?
soda 652 days ago
dear admin ep332 plz sub, tq.
Admin 658 days ago
@scarlet hearteu | we will fix soon
scarlet hearteu 658 days ago
ep 279 no 360p? pls fix this.
soda 659 days ago
dear admin, ep331 plz sub..tq
Marissa 662 days ago
Cannot watch the early eps, it shows

We are sorry!

We can't find the file you are looking for. It maybe got deleted by the owner or was removed due a copyright violation.

Couldnyounplease fix it.
Admin 665 days ago
@Jaebae | we will fix soon. pls wait few min
Jaebae 665 days ago
Can u fix it...thx
Jaebae 665 days ago
Where is episode 251?
fkof 665 days ago
Why the fk it tooks so long time only to download it, i didn't sleep just because i want to download it since i have only 30 thirthy minutes to download it. I tried to be patience but it just make me upsets because i dont have enough sleep and i just have 4 hours to sleep
apple 667 days ago
Running man will completely end tnere show next year of Feb2017
#RunningMan7012 😢😢
Admin 671 days ago
@jimta | try again . we fixed
jimta 671 days ago
Still error already try few time
Admin 671 days ago
@jimta | Pls click download button
Admin 671 days ago
@jimta | we will fix soon
jimta 671 days ago
Can you fix it.. thanks..
jimta 671 days ago
Eps. 328 and 329.. the link error.. can not download
Claws 672 days ago
Sry my phone lagged,ignore the question 😁😁😁
Claws 672 days ago
Where is ep 291?
Admin 672 days ago
@Claws | we fixed
Claws 672 days ago
Where is ep 291
waiting for subs 673 days ago
@admin when ep 329 will be subbed?
Admin 686 days ago
@Star | PLs wait a few minutes. Thanks!
Star 686 days ago
Why there's no download link??
soda 687 days ago
dear admin,ep327 subs plz, i been waiting few hours on it, thx u.
apple 691 days ago
Admin cannot watch ep 230 onwards.. help.
soda 694 days ago
dear admin, ep326 sub plz
Admin 706 days ago
@sam | Please try again with another browser!
sam 706 days ago
can't watch
Admin 711 days ago
@vchins4 | Its fixed. Thanks
vchins4 711 days ago

Episode 159 -- link is still broken -- Please fix . . . thank you for all your hard work.
LESLIE 714 days ago
there are a few new and old shows which I cant dl at all, stated as can find the files... example Running Man episode 269, Dinner @ 8 episode 148, Oh my venus episode 15 & 16.. How come lately there are so many issues. Would appreciated the admin team could find out the faults and solve the issue quickly.

Lots of thanks.
Slippy 726 days ago
Fix my head
Admin 739 days ago
@elisabeth ayu | It's fixed. Tks
elisabeth ayu 739 days ago
please fix ep 225.. i want to download it, cause lately ma friend fall in love with Kim Woobin and want to know all about him~

thanks bfr
leslie 749 days ago
can u fixed episode 152 , can download it
soda 750 days ago
when ep318 sub is out?
xha 771 days ago
sub not yet out?
Ferrie 773 days ago
Why i can't download this episode? it says that the file not found..thanks
BiShinobu 774 days ago
hi, the link for download ep 62 63 64 65 66 are not found
Admin 778 days ago
@manel | few hour
manel 778 days ago
when are the subs for ep 314 getting out plz?
jo 781 days ago
Ep 112 - 200 all cannot be watched. please help!
mondaycouple 784 days ago
i want monday couple back
Smelicookie 784 days ago
Again your RSR link is faulty...cant watch from apps
Admin 785 days ago
@vchins4 | Tks for report. we'll fix asap
vchins4 785 days ago
Please fix the following episodes:

270, 273, 274, 278, and 300 -- no file found

159, 276, 277 -- download link not working
Admin 789 days ago
@apple | PLs turn off adblock to download
Admin 789 days ago
@apple | We will fix asap
apple 789 days ago
Admin im having problem downloading ep157. Kindly fix. Thanks
jas 791 days ago
Its so hilarious when kwang soo use a scissors to cheat. Again! His the cheater king in a funny way!
frajos 791 days ago
ep 312 need add server that I want to oktu server is easy for me loading. please. thanks!!
sherylmpiape 798 days ago
Omo! KJK and Soo Ae has chemistry hihihi
Admin 799 days ago
@kucikman | we'll fix asap
kucikman 799 days ago
rp 256 to 259 cant watch .....
kucikman 799 days ago
lol copyright cant watch ep 256 onward..........
Jin Zha 805 days ago
LOL.. Another Miss Oh's "what's love?" at the ending..
sha 805 days ago
video not loading for episode 310 sub. isit still uploading?
dianne 811 days ago
working now ty
dianne 811 days ago
can not get 162 thru 170 to stream
Hannah 812 days ago
Hi admin, can you put download link for episode 309 please...
Momo 812 days ago
they are so mean to kwang soo... damnnn...
Tc 813 days ago
i don't like all the obstacles they put for team kwangsoo, it was too much of an advantage for TRM :(
Nawa 815 days ago
Please fix. Can't watch it. Tq
Nawa 815 days ago
Hai admin, please fix epi 256.. Can't watch it
Juju 817 days ago
It says the songs in the top left corner
mario 817 days ago
admin pls tell me song of 27:56
sheki 821 days ago
hi admin ep163 cant watch,pls fix it thx
marg 831 days ago
other sever at episode 138 pleaseeeee
meh 831 days ago
another server at ep. 138
i cant watch it.
lm 832 days ago
sub for ep 292 isnt conplete??
Eileen 834 days ago
Hi Admin, ep283, 271 n 272; file not found. Pls fix. Thank u.
shunzi 838 days ago
what is the music starter on 2.15min
Nills 840 days ago
thanks you mucho Admin-sshi.
Eileen 842 days ago
Hi Admin, ep290 is still not fix yet. Pls help. Thk u.
Admin 843 days ago
@Eileen | We'll fix soon. Tks for report!
Eileen 843 days ago
Hi Admin, ep290; file not found too. Pls fix. Thk u.
Admin 844 days ago
@Eileen | It will be fixed soon, Thanks!
Eileen 844 days ago
Ep289, File not found when wanna download. Pls fix, Admin. Thks.
tissy 848 days ago
Thank you admin :)
Jenny 848 days ago
Thanks a lot!
Admin 848 days ago
@Jenny | it's fixed. Thanks!
Jenny 848 days ago
Episode 285 is not available for all the server. Please check TQ
Admin 848 days ago
@tissy | It's still working. Google Chrome with lastest version is recommended. Choose another server if you can't watch
tissy 848 days ago
Episode 303 can't be played. Please fix it admin :(
Kachi 854 days ago
Please and thank you!!
Admin 854 days ago
@Kachi | I'll fix soon. Thanks!
Kachi 854 days ago
What happened to the videos? I can't watch episode 275, says it has been blocked. :(
diyana 857 days ago
Hello admin, can't watch or download ep 300. please help fix it..thanks so much
chris 858 days ago
Dear admin, episode 301 cannot download. Can please check? Thank you
Juju 860 days ago
Server 2 freezes everyone now and them. Also its annoynig when it wont load at all. Please fix this .-.
Nurul 861 days ago
Dear admin.. I hope you will upload back an old episodes because there a certain episode i can't download it.. tq
Nills 861 days ago
white team lost, bec of the stupid Tzu!!
phua 862 days ago
how about ep 211 on ? only 210 then jump to 229
nancyvu 862 days ago
@admin. Will the recent episode be subbed soon?!
ple 862 days ago
@admin thanks for the update 😁
dale 864 days ago
This was awesome!! I like it 😍😍
Thank you
Admin 867 days ago
We fixed. Thanks for report
Step 867 days ago
That no sub on ep292
Nills 869 days ago
thanks a lot Admin for fast and accurate subbing of Running Man and the rest of the dramas and movies.gomabseubnida
Admin 871 days ago
Wait few minute, we will fix link download ep 295
Eileen 871 days ago
I cant download as always prompted 'file not found'.
Admin 874 days ago
@ple We are updating the episode lacks of this show. Pls wait few day.It will gradually be improved.
ple 874 days ago
Can u upload ep30 and above?
Angie 876 days ago
ME lol
JennyS 876 days ago
aged army here anyone else
Eunice 876 days ago
Army where u at!
Angie 876 days ago
Any Armys here lol
bts 876 days ago
I will wait
clark 876 days ago
it doesnt have a eng sub
Admin 876 days ago
We are updating others server. Pls wait
dungnhi 876 days ago
cant watch it...:(
bts fans 876 days ago
Please update ep 300...
BTS FAN 880 days ago
coolme 885 days ago
I want to apload running man episode295
dodi 886 days ago
Admin, why is that episode 263 cannot be downloaded? Please please.. thank you...
Yasmine 887 days ago
Things turned bad since the last producer has been changed really great outcaming but not really funny scene as it was in the RM that we used to hardoy stop our laugh to come !!!
m_m 889 days ago
the subtitle is not there after download.why?
azdrama rocks 893 days ago
Ep 297 Descent of the sun is most enjoyable.
zhou 893 days ago
runnhjmg man 100 2 200episode admin
Naima 896 days ago
Server error?
teptep 896 days ago
Episode 297 plsss I need to see Gowoon couple
Min 896 days ago
What happen? Can't play suddenly
Sab 896 days ago
Runtime error
Sab 896 days ago
Server error in '/' Application
Karma Akabane 897 days ago
Thank you Admin!
Admin 897 days ago
Pls wait tomorrow
Karma Akabane 897 days ago
English subs please.
Karma 897 days ago
Admin, Eng sub please...
ana 897 days ago
ep 297 eng sub pls huhu
renz kit 898 days ago
no download??
mama gary 902 days ago
Tq very much admin..
ara 902 days ago
fighting admin!
hush hush 903 days ago
okay boss..i will wait
Admin 903 days ago
We updated hardsub for other servers to you can watch. If don't like other servers, pls wait about to we updated hardsub for server 360 and 720. Thanks
hush hush 903 days ago
yes sir
Admin 903 days ago
@ hush Do you see soft sub?
hush hush 903 days ago
please upload episode 296 360p with hard sub
Admin 903 days ago
hush hush 903 days ago
episode 296 reupload with soft sub???
Gemma 903 days ago
Admin what for the sub ep 296..thanks
fiona 904 days ago
Hi admin. Do you have running man ep 202 & 203?
Kkuk 904 days ago
I find Kkuk, Seok Jin, Haha and Gary so charmminggggggggggg
Girl 910 days ago
I suddenly find Kwangsoo very charmingg
yahu 910 days ago
Thank you admin for your hardwork i always pray for the best for you and everyone pls dont say rude words to admin be grateful to them
Liyaluvpapaya 911 days ago
Thank u admin for your hard work. Fighting!! We love u.
Admin 911 days ago
@joesaid This episode has just been released in Korea a few minutes ago, we do not sleep, just needs more time to update subtitles.
joesaid 911 days ago
No sub again..295 eps..admin sleep again..whatt the hell..better dont show off
Admin 911 days ago
Dazen 911 days ago
When will the eng sub upload? 3 hours after raw?
Admin 912 days ago
Trisha 912 days ago
Where are the episodes 1-255?
Keysha 919 days ago
I watch the running man for ep 292&293 but there doesn't have english subtitles. I hope u can up the English sub tq
Keysha 919 days ago
Can u up subtitles English please
nid 920 days ago
hello where is ep 181?
Vash 924 days ago
You can DL this ep. & then just DL the subtitle @,.just search for Running Man E293,. that is, if you can't wait for this video to be subbed.
Niel Trip 924 days ago
when will the new sub be released?
Swee Yean 927 days ago
hi,running man got chinese subtitles?thank you
zhou 932 days ago
is this the latest episodes of running man?
Suzan 936 days ago
did u have chinese sub for running man ? thank you
Admin 939 days ago
fidah 939 days ago
Hey..when will ep291 will be sub?
Admin 940 days ago
You can find here :
zhou 940 days ago
what episode is joong ki joined
Jerry 944 days ago
Can you kindly upload the older episodes which is before 256? Thanks
frajos 949 days ago
can you uploading for ep 90 to up ep 255?
hannah 952 days ago
waiting for ep289 download link..
Admin 959 days ago
Updated link download. Pls click button download in watch online
hannah 959 days ago
how to download ep288?
Admin 962 days ago
azian 962 days ago
i cant play all episode
sunlien 1016 days ago
Running man is the best show,so don't be lose to wacth....
Admin 1028 days ago
Ep 278 subbed
hawa 1028 days ago
when subtitle ep 278 release ?
hawa 1028 days ago
bile ep 278 subtitle realease ?
Itsme 1035 days ago
Pleaseeee...bring back the torrent download take long time to download
Qinsheng 1037 days ago
I use phone to watch it but reasonly it has some problems to watch it.
kc 1046 days ago
will there be a torrent link and subtitle file for 275 for download? Thanks.
nana yumi 1046 days ago
Love rm
Itsme 1048 days ago
Thank you so much...usually i use torrent link to download..btw thank you
Admin 1048 days ago
Download button is below video player
Itsme 1048 days ago
Where is the link to download for ep 275?
Shromzy 1059 days ago
I want running man ep 273 sub eng
Admin 1075 days ago
Ep 268 have been hardsub. You just need play video
Hang 1075 days ago
Admin 1075 days ago
Subtitles have been integrated with the video. Let me know what episode without subtitles.
Hang 1075 days ago
how to open subtitle
Admin 1078 days ago
@Kamidah Pls wait. We will update engsub asap
Kamidah 1078 days ago
ep 271 sub please
Ace 1085 days ago
Where is runningman ep270?not release yet?
Nor 1085 days ago
Eng sub please
SHIRA 1091 days ago
dan 1099 days ago
thank you
nan 1100 days ago
thank you
Admin 1126 days ago
We checked and all files are working well. You should watch with chrome. If video isn't auto play,pls click "Not played? Click here to try again!'
shahie 1126 days ago
The video cannot be play..i have tried with firefox,chrome and internet explorer browser..
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