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219 comment(s)
Mary jane A. Callo 2 days ago
I love this drama
KC 19 days ago
click the link of the episode you want to download it will route you to a different page. Then it will show you this options ""Download link(s): Open | Uptobox | Open | TheVideo"" Click the first option "OPEN" again it will route you to different page with the video of the episode then on the upper left corner it will show the title, file size then the buttons ""VIEW"" and ""DOWNLOAD"" then click download then the FREE DOWNLOAD will show up. Click the ""FREE DOWNLOAD"" then the file will be downloaded. If it doesn't show up on download you have to click it again it will definitely work on the second click. That's all! :)
Happy download!
Marie 19 days ago
How to download po dito ?
Manilyn 25 days ago
How to download
Manilyn 25 days ago
Love k drama and thnks a lot
Manilyn 25 days ago
Can i download her i love korean drama amd thankz to you nkakapnood kme ng full episode
Glennee 29 days ago
Nicole joyce 31 days ago
Janani 31 days ago
I coudn't download. There were soooo many adwares.
Berth 33 days ago
Nice movie
Jules 34 days ago
kohmasaki 34 days ago
Herschalle 35 days ago
sherlianne corpuz 37 days ago
how to download?
jincomiko143 37 days ago
jolina 40 days ago
Ryan Torres 42 days ago
Thank you so much continue to post that kind of movie ENJOY! :D
Margie 43 days ago
I want to watch this pls
Lisa manoban 44 days ago
Danica Bongon 47 days ago
Can't download.
Tushi 57 days ago
So good
XD123 60 days ago
cant DL
Misha 69 days ago
josephine purisima 86 days ago
Naa Pha 159 days ago
Why I can't see all the drama?
Ko 159 days ago
Why I can't watch any episodes on mango?
Den 159 days ago
Unable to watch episodes on mango, cloud and rapid using rss feed. It does not play video after ads. Some ads are porn in nature
Lee 160 days ago
Definitely Part 2 will be soon. I would like to send my regards; To All the Actors/Cast. YOU DONE A GREAT JOB. THUMBS UP.
DD 161 days ago
wheres ep 20
samsaramsamsam 161 days ago
download link for ep20 pls
DD 162 days ago
cant wait.... when ep 19 upload... tq
DD 162 days ago
where is the ep 19...please
Alex 162 days ago
Its ok
Maya 162 days ago
It keeps on reloading
Daphne unarse 162 days ago
Broken sub titles. It's ok if its short lines only but broken subs are too lobg that i cant understand a thing. Please fix it.. thank you
samsaramsamsam 163 days ago
i cant watch it online :(
bebe 163 days ago
i cant play video right now. why?
niciii 163 days ago
nice one
Cae 165 days ago
Nice subtitle
DD 167 days ago
tq cant wait..it f*****king best
Pinoy 167 days ago
ep 19 is due next week have patience
Li Ling 167 days ago
A persistent breaking of last 2 episodes. Kindly work on it. Thanks.
DD 167 days ago
make it hurry ep 19 thanks....
Malar 167 days ago
ep 16 pls
Yuliana 168 days ago
A problem keeps repeating & the web page keeps reloading. Please fix this matter. Thank you.
Pinoy 168 days ago
ep 18 pls...
DD 168 days ago
wheres is the ep 18... dont see it anywhere
florence 168 days ago
eng sub please
Xy 168 days ago
Broken subs
wjnlove salino 168 days ago
rongrong 168 days ago
the eng sub is broken ! some parts lack of eng sub for ep 18!
Marissa 168 days ago
Exciting to watch! Can wait for more episodes
Marissa 168 days ago
Exciting to watch
Lee jong suk 169 days ago
engsh sub in eps 18 please
Lee jong suk 169 days ago
english sub pleaseee
Benjamin 169 days ago
So nice
jaydee lopez 169 days ago
I hope I can download it..
niharah molanta 169 days ago
Super Nice
girlielachica 169 days ago
I love this drama.
April 170 days ago
Best korean tv show ever .i love it .
yasmin 170 days ago
can you please eng sub this drama faster why does it takes soo much time i can't wait
Rose 170 days ago
April 170 days ago
When will episode 17 and until the end of episode be uploaded?
Elgin paras 171 days ago
Love it
Xin 172 days ago
When will ep16 hav download?
Joyousfan 173 days ago
When will we be able to download ep 16? (In no rush, just curious)
Admin 174 days ago
@Liyo bam | Because we have not provided link download yet.
Liyo bam 174 days ago
I can't download ep 16 pls
jenny 174 days ago
waiting dor more episodes
Admin 174 days ago
@Ninja | It's working, pls try again!
Ninja 174 days ago
Can't play ep 16 please fix. Thank you
samsaramsamsam 175 days ago
download link for ep 15 and 16 please
josephine ann 175 days ago
ZinKo 175 days ago
So good
Suna Dhel 175 days ago
Love it 😍
jeziel 175 days ago
can't download episode 15 plssssss
SHEYN 176 days ago
hi admin please add me thanks
ngwe 176 days ago
Where can I dowload
Phillip petti 176 days ago
vincent 176 days ago
visit kissasian.ch
vincent 176 days ago
vincent 176 days ago
pls download drama from kissasian or newasaintv
Jehova Tarantado 176 days ago
Nickie Teoh 176 days ago
Why on the player it state: your ip is locked due to invalid access? Usually this never occurs to me? Help anyone?
daskidlasile 176 days ago
why can't I download from any of the Korean site
Vickie 176 days ago
episode 15 is not subtitled
Ellechim 176 days ago
I already download ep 15 but there is no subtitle. I spent data for that. How could you put sub on the list when there's no subtitle
Ginn 176 days ago
episode 15 is not on the list that can be downloaded!!
vanessa 176 days ago
i can't download. 😢
아틸라 176 days ago
Can I have only subtitle for the drama? The 15 episode
bujaaa 176 days ago
why cant i downloadd please help me T_T
Sam jang 176 days ago
sam jang 176 days ago
hey admin i hope you can sub korean odyssey really fast :)
Tee jey 176 days ago
i can download now kamshamida
Tee jey 176 days ago
i cant download episode 14 why?????
juvelyn estil 177 days ago
admin episode 15 with ebglish sub pls😥
sasasa 177 days ago
anne 177 days ago
i hope i can download ep.14 with eng sub. thanks! :)
Darryl Segbe sonu 178 days ago
Please the episode 14 of the drama Korean Odyssey has not been translated to English. Pls take care of it. Thanks
ngawang dolkar 179 days ago
i love it
sharmaine 182 days ago
episode 14 pls....
abayon sharmaine 182 days ago
i really love hwayugi especially the main characters.
Sage 183 days ago
I fill like it
Cocababy 183 days ago
Been waiting from sub
steve 183 days ago
Where the subs?
shely 183 days ago
please fix it
Julievers 183 days ago
Pls the sub if the next episode 13..
Cecille 183 days ago
Alisha 183 days ago
@admin jebal put eng sub fast in EP 13 🙏🙏
Alisha 183 days ago
@Admin why is it always late to sub this amazing drama I mean like while you're sleeping drama you all gave us fast eng sub but at this drama always late 😢😢 we need fastest sub coz this f**** amazing drama
son oh gong 187 days ago
when the ep 13 will be release
Admin 189 days ago
@Jojo200 | Link for Ep?
Jojo200 189 days ago
Wheres the link
Jojo200 189 days ago
Best korean tv show
Wilma Navarro 189 days ago
Where's the link?
chaka 190 days ago
where is the download link of ep 11 and 12
Anna 190 days ago
The sub is late for hwayugi 😢😢😢
Cross 190 days ago
Subtitle ia not sync
Shiraishi 190 days ago
hallo where is the link?Hahahaha.. ican't brain larh why i so addicted to this drama so much. i feels that i'm dying because wait for the ep.hahahahahahaha.......
Yen 190 days ago
The link is broken 😭
korean odyssey 190 days ago
Thank you so much for super fast uploads and subs. Keep up the good work! This is my most trusted site to watch korean odyssey as it uploads fastest! However, I can't seem to play the video. Its prompting the error message, Server Error in '/' Application. Would be appreciated if it can be solved as so many of us are relying on you :
Atiq 190 days ago
The link is broken 😭
Bru 193 days ago
Puma 194 days ago
Thanks for uploading this awesome drama
rejoni 195 days ago
Video does not load, link never connects, and download seems to be nonexistent. Why has this site become so dysfunctional? Can it be fixed to operate as it once did?
haleluyah 196 days ago
episode 10 please..thank you admin
Dee 196 days ago
A Korean Odyssey video not playing..ty :)
mylene 197 days ago
video not playing
Jaycee 197 days ago
Admin.. Where is the download link??
Jaycee 197 days ago
Ep 9 Download link please
sasasa 202 days ago
Anthony 202 days ago
can't wait for the next episode
BTOB's Melody 202 days ago
I'm sure this gonna be best drama of 2018 dramas list funny,Romantic,horror& Fantasy all these things are great combined story
BTOB's Melody 202 days ago
wow f**** man 2018 is saved by this amazing drama just wow I love it so much all the actors & actress were best at acting
samsaramsamsam 202 days ago
download link for ep 8 please
samsaramsamsam 202 days ago
download link for ep 8 please
neelzaf 203 days ago
good drama
[email protected] 203 days ago
love it.. fastest
shiraishi 203 days ago
WHERE EP 8 ???
Emilie 203 days ago
Episode 8's subs aren't showing like 90% of the time
Cheemama81 205 days ago
OMG.. this drama was the best.. they sure choose the right actor and actress for it.. I gave a 100% perfect thump up.. fighting... 😍😍😍😘
su 206 days ago
how to download? i have try and failed.
rizza mae 207 days ago
Segun 208 days ago
One love
kai 208 days ago
love this drama
NEKO 209 days ago
its not working for me at all for the last month.
this website states cannot log on to not imbedded to etc.
im sad my favorite website for dramas
kat 210 days ago
for episode 6
kat 210 days ago
the is video not loading
Admin 210 days ago
@lyu | Try with other browser
lyu 210 days ago
There no eng sub
lyu 210 days ago
There no eng sub
cza raalalla 210 days ago
cant wait for next ep
cza raalalla 210 days ago
episode 6 is 💓
Anna 210 days ago
This is the best
dtwl 210 days ago
EP 5 sub out of sync
jelly 210 days ago
good one
Emily 211 days ago
NathanakDusunTingas 211 days ago
love hwayugi
arjay manjares 211 days ago
I love hwayugi
Wyniel Sabanal 211 days ago
when will be the release of ep 5?
judd 212 days ago
All the cast are awesome❤❤❤
abegail 212 days ago
Pls..i really want to.
Wyniel Sabanal 213 days ago
i badly need to watch this drama. Awesome!
carla 216 days ago
I love this drama
nelie kwon 217 days ago
katherine sibayan 217 days ago
This is the best😍
Sophia Jean Dacayon 217 days ago
very very nice drama
What 217 days ago
Where is the ep 4???? what???
cherry 218 days ago
how to download?
Gulrani 218 days ago
No sub at all
Vandana 218 days ago
Okay then! Thanks for letting me know.
Admin 218 days ago
@Vandana | We will provide link download ep 3 after this ep be subbed completed.
Vandana 218 days ago
I can't seem to able to download Episode 3 at all :(
Julie 218 days ago
Thank you
Admin 218 days ago
@che | First, you click link episode what you want download, then choose server Openload Or Uptobox to download.
che 218 days ago
how to download?
unknown 218 days ago
can anyone tell me how to download this episode.
mekei 218 days ago
Just let me download it. jebal!
Em em 218 days ago
Why if i tried to download it cant continue
vivian alba 218 days ago
How to download?
vivian alba 218 days ago
I want to watch this
Taehyung 218 days ago
I love this drama
samsaramsamsam 218 days ago
download link for ep3 with eng sub pleaaaase
stacy riza garcia 219 days ago
i love this drama..
Kishelle 219 days ago
Oeichi 219 days ago
Waiting pls
chelsey 219 days ago
there are no English subtitles for the 3rd episode
chelsey 219 days ago
Why is the show a Korean odyssey not in English sub?
Eyjun 222 days ago
Steady crta tok
rahman 224 days ago
cool movie
Kathlene yu 224 days ago
Edna 227 days ago
Love this movie
Jenny 228 days ago
There's no subtitle in ep 2
Jaye 229 days ago
Love this new Drama
kit reyes 229 days ago
i want to watch
sandra 229 days ago
Bongjili kropi 229 days ago
Its a good drama to watch
nard 230 days ago
cool and amazing k drama
jayr 230 days ago
Parkx 230 days ago
Episode 2 of a korean odyssey isn't workning.
Shamiel Rose Palmares 230 days ago
Shamiel Rose Palmares 230 days ago
ep3 plssss huhuhu
Daryll Jade Calaycay 230 days ago
Daryll Jade Calaycay 230 days ago
Addicting and good drama
Mark Kevin Jay Cebricus 230 days ago
Mark Kevin Jay Cebricus 230 days ago
Addicting Drama
nid 230 days ago
Ok, nice
PAU 230 days ago
Rochelle 230 days ago
Gerald 230 days ago
Nikita 231 days ago
Frech Lyn 231 days ago
it's a nice movie!
Faye 231 days ago
Fayw 231 days ago
1 232 days ago
pppppp 232 days ago
marygary 232 days ago
ep 2 isnt fully uploaded, pls fix :)
Hasmah 232 days ago
Admin, when we can expect this to be subbed? I so look fwd to watch d show with sub. Thanks in advance..
Asuna13 233 days ago
Good Drama
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